"Around the World in Six Hours"

Event duration:
on 17, 18 May 2013

Kaliningrad Amber Museum presents to its guests an exiting programme "Around the World in Six Hours" for the Night of Museums from 17 to 18 May.

20:00-21:00 "Clear prop!"

flash mob in front of the museum's gate: workshop in making paper planes and ships in the area near the curved bridge.


"Dining car"

in the museum's lobby – menu from the cafe "By the Bulls".

"Platform 1"

on the ground floor of the museum's exposition – travel in the Orient:

workshop in wrapping in sari, mehendi painting, traditional make-up, temple dancing, bhajans and mantras, ethnic jam-session, theatricalized programme from Kaliningrad Yoga Clubs.

"Platform 2"

on the first floor of the museum's exposition – travel in Europe:

individual quest through the exposition, interactive programme, actions from the travel agencies.

"Platform 3"

on the basement floor of the museum's exposition – "Amber Coast of Russia":

amber i the works of Kaliningrad artists.


In the museum's inner yard:

Oriental sweets, spices, fragrances, national cuisine, clothing, souvenirs.

21:20-01:45 Show programme "Air Bridge"

In the museum's front yard: stewardess show, dance and costume performance; Irish dancing; acrobatic skit acts.




Flights to Moscow, Cairo, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Chittagong,

New York, Tacuarembo, Seville, Shanghai.

00:45 Flights to Dublin, Istanbul.
01:30 Flight to the Stromboli Volcano (fire show in the space in front of the museum).
01:40 "Moment of luck":

lottery from the partners for the visitors who bought tickets to the programme "Around the World in Six Hours".


Programme participants – Kaliningrad creative groups and organizations:
Fashion and Dance Theater of Svetlana Orlova and Yuriy Malinovskiy;
Dance group "IRIDAN-Kaliningrad" – supervisor Ekaterina Sazonova;
Extreme club "Baltic Raven" – supervisor Pavel Krasnoshchokov;
Cultural center "Revelation" – leader Denis Linnik;
Dance group "Bernsteinblumen" – supervisor Mina Wall;
Dance studio "Amjad";
Dance studio "Amber Tribe".

Project partners:
German-Russian House;
Polish Cultural Center;
Travel agency "Amber Mosaic";
Travel agency "Yunona";
Kaliningrad Coins and Medals Yard;
Kaliningrad Taxi Park;
Cafe "By the Bulls"
Museum of History of Railway Transport of the Kaliningrad Railroad.

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